In the Night

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In the Night

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Chapter one

It was cold outside. Much like the night it all first happened. It was late night. I could remember the day perfectly.
The moon was shining brilliantly in the velvet night sky. It could have been a perfect night with the family, if it wasn’t for the fact that the night was filled with horror, with terrifying screaming and fear. I was holding my mother’s hand, as tight as my small and fragile hand would let me.
“Mama no! Don’t leave me!” My voice echoed through the night, through the bright orange flames that were burning down my house. My mother was being pulled from behind, by the man in the black robe. There were a lot of them, they were surrounding us. They were trying to take my mother and father away from my older sister and I. Why? I never found out the answer. Never found out the reason for the horrid night.
“I’m sorry Baby. No matter what ever happens, I will find you.” My mother said, struggling to stay calm and keep her voice under control through her tears. That was the last time I saw my mother. Five years ago. The men in the black robes pulled us apart, acting as if my kicking and attempt to fight them off was no bother. I was lucky I got free, I was lucky I didn’t die right then. Dustin, my best friend since I was five, pulled me free and we raced to find my sister, ignoring the tears that were running down my cheeks. Alexa, my oldest sister, was sitting under a tree, hiding behind stones and sobbing. I dropped down next to her, my knees giving out and losing the little strength they had. I wrapped my arms tight around her, sobbing along with her.
“Sissy…Sissy I’m sorry…” I sobbed, struggling to breath. Before Alexa could say anything, Dustin grabbed both our arms, fighting back his own tears, and pulled us to our feet.
“Listen! We have to leave!” Dustin was only thirteen then, but he was strong, both physically and personality wise. Dustin took off at a run, Alexa and I following behind. And then we were surrounded suddenly. By the Men in black robes, by the Royal Guards. It all happened so fast, I was grabbed from behind, feeling a sharp pain in my arm as I got stuck by a needle. I heard my beloved sister scream in fear, my best friend trying as hard as possible to fight and get us free. That was the last thing I heard before the darkness consumed me, and I died.
I returned to present day, refusing to let the memories of five years ago consume me. Reaching for my silver hairbrush, pulling it through my long, dark brown hair. My sister Alexa was sleeping on the other side of the room in her own bed, buried under piles of blankets. I jumped in surprise as I heard a loud banging on the bedroom door. Smiling, I slid out of bed, glancing at the already packed bags at the end of my bed and running to the door, opening it just as the banging started to get louder.
“Took you long enough.” Said Dustin teasingly, who was standing in the door way. I couldn’t help but laugh at his attempt to be annoyed. Just as I through myself at him in a hug, my sister walked quietly out of the bathroom, already changed into her black skinny jeans, and white tank top with grey vest.
“Good morning Abby, Dustin, can we leave now?” Alexa said sluggishly. God she was always so grumpy in the morning... Dustin and I laughed at my sister’s grumpiness, which just made her roll her eyes and mumble for us to grow up.
“So, how is everyone on this very, very gloomy morning?” Dustin said sarcastically. I giggled and squealed.
“Excited!” I said, almost yelling. Dustin tried, and failed miserably, to look completely clueless.
“Oh really? Why are we so excited?” He said with a grin. I laughed and pushed him playfully. Alexa groaned in annoyance.
“Will you guys shut up? You’re going to wake the Guards up and then we’ll never be able to leave the wretched place.” Dustin and I sighed.
“You’re right sis…” I said softly.
“Yea I know I am. Can we leave now?’
“Let’s go!”
Dustin, Alexa, and I, grabbed our bags and threw them out the window and landed behind bushes by the garage. We walked quietly to the door, and then we all froze when Dustin said he heard someone.
“I’ll go out and take care of it…” He said softly. I frowned. I heard that line from him too much…
“Be careful.” I whispered. He nodded and walked out. Automatically, he ran into one of the top female Guards, Erin.
“Dustin? What are you doing here? You know you’re not supposed to be in the girl’s dorm.” Erin said coolly. Dustin stumbled for words for a moment, and then just turned on the charm…as usual.
“I was just visiting my friends, Erin. It’s no big deal.” His voice was like honey, sweet. But it didn’t work. Erin was smart; she wouldn’t fall for his boyish charm. So I, of course, had to step in. I looked down at myself quickly; I was wearing my lacy black tank top, along with my black short shorts. Good, I looked the part I was attempting to play. Messing up my hair a bit, and gave Alexa a warning glance to stay in the room then walked out, smiling sheepishly at Erin.
“I’m so sorry Guardian Erin…did I get Dustin in trouble?” I said shyly, leaning on Dustin slightly, wrapping arms around his waist and willing him to play along. Luckily, Dustin was smart, and wrapped one arm behind me, resting his hand on my lower back. I blushed slightly, batting my eyes innocently at Erin.
“Well…he isn’t supposed to be here, Abigail. You know the rules.” Erin said strictly. So I said, stepping it up a notch.
“Awe Erin…you know how it is with us girls…sometimes we just…can’t help ourselves, even if it means getting in trouble…” I said softly, smiling seductively up at Dustin, who grinned down at me, holding me close. Erin rolled her eyes but smiled, obviously finding my point. She nodded lightly.
“Yes well, funs over. Hurry back to your own dorm now, Dustin. You don’t want little Abby getting into more…trouble.” I blushed as I realized what Erin was saying. She thought he would get me pregnant! Well, at least she thought what I was intending.
“Of course, Guardian Erin.” Dustin and I said together, grinning slightly. Erin started to turn away, but then motioned for Dustin to follow.
“Come along, Dustin.” She said smugly.
“Shit…” Dustin and I whispered together. I sighed. I hated doing what I was already planning…but I knew I had to.
“Um, Erin, could I talk to you about something?” I said, trying to sound innocent. Erin smiled and turned towards me.
“Yes, Abby?” I locked eyes with her as she turned, my voice going blank, eyes black, but I kept my voice light and sweet.
“You will let us leave. And you will not say anything to anyone about seeing us. Oh. And give me your car keys.” Erin’s face went blank, and she nodded lightly, mindlessly handing me keys to her black SUV. I turned and faced Dustin as soon as Alexa walked out.
“Let’s go.” I said weakly, turning off and almost falling. I instantly felt Dustin’s arms around me.
“Careful, Abby…you know how you are right after you use your compulsion.” He whispered softly, lifting me up and carrying me besides Alexa.
“Thanks…” I mumbled against his chest. Dustin had put me down when we reached the car, and I automatically ran to the driver’s side, smiling and holding onto the wheel.
“No! I drive…!” Alexa whined, trying to push me into the passenger’s side.
“Awe Lexy just let her drive.” Dustin said calmly. My sister growled at the nickname “Lexy” but sighed and climbed into the passenger seat. I smiled and slammed on the gas pedal, flying backwards out of the parking lot. I spun around quickly, causing the car to spin forward and speed out of the parking lot. Alexa screamed, causing me to laugh and Dustin growl softly.
“Damnit Abby!” He yelled. I just turned back and smiled at him. About an hour passed until I spun into the nearest restaurant.
“Coffee time!” I cheered perkily. I climbed over the seats into the very back where the huge trunk was and went through my bag, pulling out my black short shorts, lacy blue spaghetti strap shirt, and my black knee-high boots. I started to pull off my pajamas I was still wearing, when I glanced and looked over at Dustin who was trying to look at me through the rear view mirror in the front seat. I grinned and sat up to smack him in the back of the head.
“Perv.” I said teasingly. Dustin laughed and leaned forward, trying to duck from my hit. I smiled and pulled off my pajamas, pulling on my normal clothes. Climbing back over the seat, and accidently kicking Dustin in the head, I opened the car door and jumped out, hands on my hips.
“Well? You guys coming or what?” I said sarcastically. Alexa sighed and rolled her eyes, looking at Dustin.
“Ugh. Do you see how my fifteen year old little sister dresses?” She said, annoyance filling her voice. Dustin bit his lip trying to hide a grin and looked me up and down, making my cheeks turn a deep red.
“Yes I do…hmm, who ever knew my friend was this sexy.” He said softly under his breath. Alexa narrowed her eyes and smacked his arm. I smiled and turned to walk towards the restaurant doors, looking over to smile at Dustin over my shoulder, shaking my hips and butt slightly.
“You know you like it.” I said sweetly, grinning back at him over my shoulder. I walked in, sitting down at a booth.
“I’m sexy too…” Alexa said quietly, looking down at herself and frowning slightly. Dustin smiled, putting his arm around Alexa and me.
“Yes you are, both of you are.” He said charmingly. I laughed and pushed my hair out of my face, looking up at the waiter that approached us. And then I saw it. I could have sworn I saw his eyes turn red. I glanced at Dustin who seemed to notice my hesitation. I shrugged ever so slightly, waving my hand under the table, trying to make an attempt to use my powers. Nothing happened. I looked to Dustin, mouthing “No powers.” to him. He nodded and suddenly jumped up, wrapping his hand around the waiters’ neck. Dustin was like my brother, we had known each other since I was five, but I had to admit, he was gorgeous, especially when he fought. He had long black hair that fell and soft waves to his shoulders, and he had baby blue eyes that always seemed to shine…and he was pale, but not that gross death kind of pale, even though, technically, he was dead, but the paleness of his skin seemed to bring all his features together. And he was strong but graceful, even when he fought.
I forced myself to pull my eyes away from him, and kept my eyes on the waiter, standing up to help fight. I threw a plate at the wall to get the waiters attention, and then locked eyes with his.
“Stop.” I demanded calmly. The waiter hesitated for a moment, so I took every chance I had. I walked up to him, leaning on him slightly, looking up at him and smiling slightly.
“You will leave us alone…and you will tell us who you are.” I said sweetly, my voice light. The compulsion, my strongest power, didn’t work. The waiter picked me up by my neck, and threw me into the table, causing me to land into the corner.
“Ugh! Ow! You jack fag!” I screamed. The waiter glared, his eyes completely red.
“Oh…shit…” I fell back to the floor, starting to crawl away and make a plan. Then Dustin and Alexa saved the day…again. Dustin grabbed the waiter by the shoulder, pulling him away from me as Alexa jumped up on his back, biting his neck. I took my chance and jumped up, flipping backwards and kicking the waiter in the face as he screamed in pain.
“Come on we have to get out of here!” Dustin screamed, grabbing us by the hand. The room was completely empty, all an illusion when we walked in. We ran out the restaurant, and into the car.
“I’m driving.” Alexa said demandingly.
“Fine with me…” I climbed into the back seat of the car with Dustin, resting my head on his lap and closing my eyes, groaning in pain. Dustin looked at me, as soon as Alexa turned to me, smelling the blood that was running down my back.
“Back?” I nodded at her question, biting my lip and fighting back tears.
“Here.” She held her hand onto my arm, healing every inch of my body. I let out my breath and relief as the pain and blood went away.
“Thanks sis…” I mumbled softly, closing my eyes as Dustin ran his fingers through my hair. I slowly fell asleep after that, fell asleep to the soft talking of my friend and Sister.
“We can’t let her go back to the School…” My sister said softly.
“I know…it’s…its too dangerous for her.” Dustin’s voice sounded strained, as did my sisters. Dustin glanced at my arms and neck, that were filled with bite and needle marks. Dustin and Alexa flinched at the memories. I couldn’t remember anything else that happened after that except for the cool air that came through the window, and then I fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Two

I woke up the next day, shaking the nightmare I had away from my mind.
“Good morning sleepy head.” Said a voice from behind me. I jumped in surprise and spun around to face the man I haven’t seen in months. Nick.
“Goodness, Nick! You scared me! You know how skittish I am!” I yelled, trying to look annoyed, but joy and surprise clearly on my face. Nick just laughed at me, pushing my hair away from my pale face.
“Yes, I know you are, Abby.” Was all he said, but that small sentence made me blush a color as red as a rose. Nick smiled down at me, very close in the tight space of the back seat in the SUV.
“Wh,where are Dustin, and, and Alexa?” I stammered, sounding like a complete moron. Nick sighed, leaning back against the seat, folding his hands behind his head.
“They went out to get some…breakfast.” He said, trying to hide the disgust in his voice. Me, on the other hand, had no problem showing how utterly repulsive I thought feeding off humans was. I made a face and stuck out my tongue.
“Gross…” I said. I leaned against him, burying my face on his arm. Automatically, he brought his hands down from behind his head, wrapping his arms comfortably tight around me.
“I missed you, Nick…” I whispered, smiling when he bent down to kiss my head.
“I miss you too. More than you could possibly imagine…” His voice sounded strained, as if he wanted to say something else but couldn’t. I frowned, trying to hide it on his arm.
“I really hate when you leave like that…and then hide stuff from me when you get back.” I tried hiding the annoyance and slight anger in my voice, but I couldn’t. He picked up on it quickly, which just made him pull away.
“Do you think I like hiding things from you, Abby!? I never wanted this to happen. I didn’t want to leave again.” The anger in his voice was clearly showing, and his glare just made it worse.
“Well obviously you do like it, since you never do anything to try and stop it!”
“You don’t know anything about what I want, about what happened. You never do. I just wish you would stop bugging me about it for once. ” His words stung me, as if a million daggers were stabbing my heart all at once. I blinked fast, fighting back the tears. I straightened up in the seat, turning to climb out of the car.
“Well then. I’ll just leave you alone. I’ll think twice next time I want you to come back.” I climbed out of the car, walking to the nearest hotel I saw, which was, luckily, right across the road. I didn’t look back, no matter how many times I heard him call my name. My hair was blowing softly in the wind, the moon shining on my pale skin. I was still wearing the clothes I was wearing the day before. I sighed, realizing I had left my bags in the car. I didn’t want to go back, but I thought I had no choice. So I turned around, walking back to the car.
“Stupid immature jack fag…” I mumbled to myself, fighting off tears as thoughts of Nick swarmed my mind. I was almost to the car, when I heard a noise behind me. I pulled my lips back over my teeth, spinning around quickly. And then I saw him. He was gorgeous, even more than Dustin or Nick. He was pale, with chin length light brown hair, and emerald green eyes that reminded me of lily pads. And he was tall, I only reached right below his chest, and muscular. My eyes skimmed up his body, taking in his appearance. I found my breath again, locking eyes with his.
“You know, it isn’t very proper to be following a woman, or anyone, this late at night.” I said calmly. He grinned at me.
“Ah yes, but you see, sometimes I just can help myself…when I find someone who looks as…delicious as you do.” He said sweetly, trying to be sexy and seductive. I rolled my eyes and put my hands on my hips, trying not to seem grossed out, even though I was. This guy actually thought he could use me as a little snack.
“Well obviously, you have no manners. Because in case you haven’t noticed, some people do not like being hunted down to be used as food like animals.” I said sternly, clearly annoyed. He just seemed amused. The man used his finger tips and softly brushed the hair away from my skin and neck, his fingers softly grazing across my skin. I couldn’t help but shiver slightly, closing my eyes, suddenly wanting him to bite me. I quickly snapped out of it, pulling away from him and glaring at him.
“Do not touch me.” My voice was strong and stern. The wind suddenly picked up, spinning around me like a small tornado. I was prepared to use all the power I needed to. The man smiled down at me, unaffected by the power.
“Yes yes, my apologies. Maybe I should have introduced myself, Young miss Williams. I am Adrian Shadows. My…very distant, family, has been studying you and your sister for quite some while,” He bowed formally, taking my hand and kissing the top. “ I am quite honored to finally meet you.”
I blushed deeply, unsure what to say. He still held my small hand in his, both of our hands pale under the moonlight. I felt like my heart would melt as it banged loudly in my chest. Adrian smiled, resting his free hand on my chest where my heart is.
“Such an amazing wonder…how a vampire like yourself could still have a beating heart, and be able to go out in the sunlight. Not to mention your wondrous gifts.” He said slowly and softly. I smiled up at him, pulling my hand away.
“Well, thank you for that. Now if you’ll excuse me…” I turned off, walking back to the car. Dustin and Nick were sitting in the front seat, both watching Adrian like hawks.
“Who was he?” Dustin demanded, as if I would answer kindly to his tone of voice.
“Excuse me but last I checked, you were my friend, not my father. And that, was some guy I had just met. It’s no big deal.” I said, trying to keep my voice cool, but Dustin just glared at me, Alexa popping up behind him.
“Guys leave her alone…don’t pester my little sister. So what if she found a new friend? It’s not like her and Nick are together anymore.” She said a little too cheerfully.
“Ugh sis…” I rolled my eyes, annoyed. I know my sister meant well most of the time, but her and Nick had never gotten along, she was thrilled when Nick had unexpectedly disappeared.

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